Instructions for writing graduate thesis papers for research students

Step 1:      Obtain a Chi Nan University enrollment certificate:

The requirements to write a graduation thesis are:

·         To prepare yourself to accept your fate and make the effort to pay for your academic degree.

·         Comply with the rules and regulations according to your duties.

·         To have an “in school status” during the study term in Chi Nan University (no suspension of classes)

·         Those who suspend classes are advised to apply to resume studies on the next term, and then they

          will be able to apply to take the degree exam, but they can still write their paper.

Step 2: Find a suitable teacher and you will be in seventh heaven

·         Please take the initiative to invite your teachers to have a friendly chat! Don’t just wait for a

          good-hearted advising professor to fall from heaven.

·         In the same way as everybody applies for a job and goes through the stage of one-on-one interviews,

          only after that will you establish rapport and receive support and guidance on your way to e


·         In friendly conversation, just ask the teachers to sign the supervising advisor form (attached). If you

          don’t come to an agreement, just look for another candidate and have a casual chat.

·         If among all the teachers in the whole management school you don’t find a good match, please go

          directly and have a chat with our chief executive, so that we may find what your sticking point is.

·         At the beginning of the academic term previous to your expected graduation, please return the thesis

          paper guidance application to your advising professor. For example, if you expect to graduate on the

          second semester of year 2008, please decide during the summer vacation of the year 2007, and

          return the application form in the beginning of the first semester of year 2008.

·         If you apply to change your chosen advising professor after having started work on your paper,

          please inquire at the EMBA on how to do a “formal written application replacement”.

Step 3: Where are the professors?

· Don’t know how to contact the teachers? Please consult our EMBA website (https://www.emba.ncnu.edu.tw). There is plenty of information on the professors, including their specialized fields and contact information for your consideration and reference.

· At the EMBA website you can also download a chart listing all the subjects that the professors have previously advised on.

· If you are not familiar with the professors, what should you do? Simply send them an E-Mail, tell them who you are and say hello to them, then you can get to know each other! Same thing in the workplace. Who is familiar with their supervisor from the beginning?

· We don’t suggest you find professors directly in their offices or study rooms. Please make an appointment for consultation with the professors, to prevent looking for them when they are not in the office, or even scaring them.

· The very last thing to do to is to send someone else to speak to the professors in replacement of you (especially if you want me to go and talk for you, absolutely not). This is your own paper, your own degree. It is your duty to find a suitable advising professor by yourself.

· Via E-Mail or by phone, are all good ways of contacting the professors, but we do not provide professor’s private phone number or address.

Step 4: start to discuss thoroughly your thesis paper with your advisor

How to write your thesis? Please consult with your advisor on this point.

At the bookstore you will also find many books explaining the correct method of writing a thesis paper.

At the school library many theses written by graduates are also provided for your reference, please refer to the library website for search queries (https://www.library.ncnu.edu.tw/index.asp).

Step 5: Write, write, and write some more!

· How to find resources? Does the school provide a database? First of all, please refer to the library home page. The databases are all linked in the home page, and they all have electronic journals, as well as instructions on linking to off-campus resources.

· Also, as the case may be, the advisor may provide you with reference information.

· The most important thing is to take the time and effort to write the paper. The more you avoid this, the less will get written.

· Do not worry about falling behind schedule and being reproached by your instructor, just obediently turn up and confirm the schedule for the thesis with the teacher. Over time a thesis can be completed.

· Force yourself to fight for it!

Step 6: Exam process for graduate student academic degree

Please read the Exam process for graduate student academic degree.

Step 7: obtain the academic degree qualification

Congratulations on your graduation!

Postgraduate Exam Process

Thesis paper formatting guide

Application process for the degree exam and relevant regulations for the first academic term of year 2012

EMBA degree exam process description for academic year 2011

For the thesis exam application, please register at the school website. The following are the steps for application:

Enter the educational administration system Enter your thesis title both in English and in Chinese in the “Edit Profile” window Choose the “Print thesis exam application form” function Print out your thesis exam application form.







1. Apply for academic degree exam

Start of academic term: from first day of school to November 30.

Please read: How to present the exam for a postgraduate degree.

1. Please hand in: Degree exam application form (reference model).

* The application form must be printed by the educational administration system, otherwise the registration office will not accept it.

2. Academic transcript

1. The degree exam application form must be signed by the advising professor.

2. To apply for the academic transcript at the department office, please fill out: Academic transcript application form.

(Academic transcript printing cost: 10 TWD/u).

End of academic term: from first day of school to April 30.





2. Before starting the process for degree exam

Hand over three weeks before the oral exam

Please hand over:

1. Exam committee name list

* Model:

* The exam committee has 3-5 members, the number of off-campus members must be above 1/3 of total.

1. Inquire with the advising professor for the exam committee list of names, and after filling it out ask for the professor’s signature.

2. After handing over the exam committee member roll, the department office can make the appointment letter with an official stamp.

One week before the oral exam

Department office will send the following information:

1. Exam committee appointment letter.

2. Expense of the oral exam.

3. Documents needed for the oral exam.

1. Exam candidates, please arrange for a time to receive the information.

2. The department office needs to be notified on the location for the oral exam.





3. During the degree exam process


Please carry the following:

1. Degree exam grade notification

* Model

2. Oral exam committee grade form

* Model

3. Thesis examination report

* Model

4. Inventory of expenses

* Model

* New payment standard for degree exam

5. Exam committee appointment letter

6. Master’s degree academic thesis code of ethics

* 3 copies of one document:

One copy is for the advising professor before the oral exam, one copy is given to the department for your records when you leave school, another copy is scanned to be included in the thesis (to be placed after the examination report, before the acknowledgements)



1. Issue to the oral exam committee members: appointment letter, oral exam fees.

2. Deliver the following information to the department office: degree exam grade notification, exam committee grade form, a copy of the thesis examination report, inventory of expenses.

3. The student retains: original copy of the thesis examination report (included in the thesis)





4. After the degree exam

Within one week after the oral exam

Please return or mail back the following information:

1. Original copy of the degree exam grade notification.

2. Original copy of oral exam committee transcript.

3. Copy of thesis examination report.

4. Inventory of expenses.

1. Please be sure to deliver all the required information.

2. If the thesis title in English and Chinese is amended, please amend to the correct thesis title all the documents in the list at the left, as well as the thesis title on the educational administration system

Before school leaving procedures

Thesis format

1. Thesis format of the school

2. Cover model

3. EMBA Thesis text format model

4. EMBA watemark

5. EMBA school department name is as follows:

English: Executive Master of Business Administration Program, College of Management, National Chi Nan University

Upload digital thesis file (Chi Nan University Library)

School Library:


How to deliver the thesis and transfer the file to the library

To hand over: Chi Nan University Library digital file authorization document model (Doesn’t need to be included in the text within the thesis)

Only after Chi Nan University Library completes the examination, it can upload the thesis unto the National Library.

Upload digital thesis file (National Library)

National Library – (Taiwan Master and Doctorate thesis knowledge bank system) Security Reminder Letter from the National Library

1. After logging in, upload the complete digital file of the thesis (Please retain your account number and password).

2. Pease ask the department administrative staff to check that the file was established correctly and that the result is correct. After the administrative staff has finished the verification and approval procedures, the formalities will be completed to establish the file online.

* After completing the upload, the graduate student must notify the department office and request for assistance with the verification

Print out: National Library Authorization Letter (It doesn’t need to be included in the thesis)

To be returned to the library during the school leaving procedures

Graduate thesis binding

1. Please bind your thesis according to the school format.

2. Handling of the graduation school leaving procedures requires a total of 3 copies of the hardcover and 2 copies of the paperback thesis

* 2 copies of the hardcover are delivered to the library; one hardcover copy and one paperback copy are given to the department office, one paperback copy is for registration





5. Graduation school leaving procedures

Fill in questionnaire

1. Ministry of Education online questionnaire website: https://ques.cher.ntnu.edu.tw/ques/master/

* Before leaving the school, please fill in the questionnaire by yourself first.

2. Graduate datasheet

* After being filled in, it must be printed out and handed over to the counseling center upon leaving school.

Please complete the school leaving procedures one week before the start of classes on the next academic term

Please carry with you the following information:

1. School leaving procedure list for Master and Doctorate graduates

2. One original copy of Chi Nan University Library Authorization Letter (after successfully uploading the thesis to the Chi Nan University Library, an email will be sent)

3. A total of 3 hardcover copies and 2 paperback copies of the graduate thesis

4. Graduates datasheet

5. Return the student ID card for cancellation


* If you entrust a third party to provide assistance in handling the school leaving procedures, please fill in the Authorization letter for handling of graduate school leaving procedures

Upon returning the school leaving procedure list to the registration office, you will immediately receive your diploma.



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