Introduction to the Program

17/12/2014 10:46

Introduction to the Program

Our class upholds and promotes a philosophy of high quality business management education, combining state enterprise, capital management and financial continuing education programs, to establish the “Executive Master of Business Administration”. Through systematic training courses, exchange spaces for interaction between industries and team companionship are established, allowing those managers who already have a rich experience to surpass themselves and increase their capacity to respond to complex and diverse corporate environments.

The special features of our class are as follows:

1.       Cooperation between academia and industry:

Our department participates in several Central Region government construction initiatives, working for industrial development and academic integration. Moreover, we invite the elite in industry and academic circles to give lectures and academic exchange activities. Through careful curriculum design, the principles of operating and management practices open up students’ horizons and foster the spirit of independent thinking and leadership. By approaching the trends in industry, theory and practice can be integrated in the current educational process, to increase substantially the future competitive capabilities for the graduates of this institution. Many of the students in the Doctorate program of this institution come from the government branch and from business unit executive positions, promoting good relations between government and industry. This results in a very useful potential for cooperation between industry and academia.

2.       Internationalization and globalization currently are inevitable trends. The superior international and diversified qualified teachers in this class put together an internationalized curriculum design, pairing international case analysis and discussion with a macro perspective, as well as setting up lessons completely taught in English, with interviews and encouragement from international business. The students are formed by means of advanced discussion in English and reporting skills, to enable the students to employ an international macro perspective in the course of their duties.

3.       Theoretical foundation

The teachers in this class are academic theorists with prestigious domestic and foreign Doctorate degrees and publications in several domestic and foreign distinguished journals. Therefore, the specialized teachers in our class are capable of offering students a solid theoretical foundation in their presentations and training, so that students can use this as a firm and stable foundation to solve practical problems in the future.

The following are features of the courses in this class:

The approach of the course structure includes small classes, in addition to theoretical training, and a greater emphasis in integration with practical application. In addition, discussion and participation in the classroom are emphasized. Through intellectual dialogues and the exchange of work experience by students with different specialized backgrounds, to arouse creative thinking and to establish interpersonal relations.

1.       To promote diversification of knowledge and thinking.

This class dedicates the resources from all the departments of the school of management to the course planning for each subdivision.

2.       To foster independent thinking capabilities and an international macro perspective.

An approach to teaching with small classes, emphasizing the stimulation of diverse creativity and innovative thinking, enabling the students to employ independent thinking capabilities, and furthermore through the exchange of multifaceted thought, to bring about innovative thinking with macro perspective.

3.       Curriculum design and focus on cultivating interpersonal relations.

Through training in all kind of specialized courses, to promote students’ skills in interpersonal communication. Courses on tools for interaction with social relations are also included, via the study of courses designed to increase the interaction capabilities of the students.