Core competencies

The master’s degree program in this school is aimed at working professionals. The original motivation for establishing this program is to build a cross-disciplinary academic course that spans different fields and integrates different resources. The students will enjoy an environment of Internationalization while acquiring expert knowledge in Industrialization and cross-domain Integration skills. Working professional students will practice independent thinking skills, expand their international macro perspective and develop their individual potential, by strengthening the depth and breadth of their specialized knowledge, increasing labor Competence, Confidence, and Character. By means of 3L skills training and 3C target characteristics, we hope that EMBA students are able to possess the following core competencies:

1.       Communication skills

2.       Leadership skills

3.       Analytical reasoning and integrative ability

4.       Professional knowledge and practical skills

5.       Grasp of international trends and possession of

          globalized competitive skills

6.       Business ethics

7.       Comprehensive formation

8.       Ability of lifelong self-motivated study and growth


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