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Foundational history

17/12/2014 10:48
Foundational history The Management School is based on three founding principles: “forward-looking culture with an international perspective”, “balance between the perspective of science and technology and the perspective of the humanities” and “carrying forward the national culture and...

Foundational purpose

17/12/2014 10:47
Foundational purpose The courses of the Department of the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) are especially designed for companies that wish to raise the quality of their middle and top level management human. Given that the greater area of Taichung constitutes a central community...

Introduction to the Program

17/12/2014 10:46
Introduction to the Program Our class upholds and promotes a philosophy of high quality business management education, combining state enterprise, capital management and financial continuing education programs, to establish the “Executive Master of Business Administration”. Through systematic...

New event

17/12/2014 03:14
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